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yankees_pirate's Journal

14 February
(Character for the donnellyschool and mcdonnell_hall RPGs.)

McDonnell info:

Name: Ryan "Kid Blink" Ballatt

Age: 20 (he failed fifth grade)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared (he's leaning towards physical therpay, but intimidated by the amount of work and requirements.)

Appearance: With a few exceptions, he looks like your typical blond haired, blue eyed, all-American jock. The most notable of said exceptions is his glass eye, which is almost always covered by an eyepatch, and the scarring around it. He hates letting people see the glass eye and the scars. His face and hair are pretty much average to look at; he's not unattractive, but he's not gorgeous, either. Mildly cute would be more accurate. However, he is built, the result of working out every day for years. He dresses pretty much as you'd expect him to - jeans and t-shirts, lots of sportswear, baseball caps, and sneakers. He especially loves his sneakers.

Background: Blink comes from a pretty normal, middle class family in the suburbs. He was raised by his parents and his paternal granfather, who lives with them. (His paternal grandmother died years ago; his maternal grandparents retired to Florida and he only sees them for Christmas. He has no siblings.) His childhood was fairly normal as well, until fifth grade, when he was in the car accident that ended up destroying his eye. It screwed him up a bit, though nothing to extreme his family notice at first; it's not surprising, however, that that was they year he failed and had to repeat. He finished middle and high school with no really obvious problems; after all, he was a jock, mildly cute, and nice; and what else does it take to be popular in high school?

The problems surfaced in college. He was accepted pretty much entirely for his athleticism (and plays both soccer and baseball), and has trouble keeping his head above water in academics. Freshman year, when feeling miserable and as though he had no business being in college, Racetrack helped him through a math class; there was a long saga in which he discovered his bisexuality, half-way came to accept it, dated Race for awhile, and, well, it ended badly. The breakup was messy and terrible; it wreaked havoc with Blink's self esteem, and he desperately wanted to drop out. The main reason he made it through the second semester was that he met Mush, who quickly befriended him, and helped him cope. And the end result was that Blink fell half in love with him, and now follows him around like a puppy, desperately clinging to him and hoping that maybe someday, Mush will look at him as more than a friend.

Personality: Blink is mostly a laid back, happy go lucky guy. The key word being mostly. That's how he generally sees himself and wants people to see him, so he goes out of his way to avoid getting emotional in front of people. Inwardly, however, he feels very isolated; first because of his eye (he really feels like a freak because of it), then because he knows he's only at college for sports, where most of his friends are much more intelligent than he is (he's not dumb, precisely, just not academic at all); then because of the blow his self-esteem took in the break up. He feels like an outsider who doesn't belong, which makes it hard for him to have real friendships; and he's still struggling to accept his sexuality. However, most people just see the cheerful outside of him; on the rare occasion another emotion shows up,it's usually anger.

Likes: Sports (especially baseball), weight lifting, Mush, hot showers

Dislikes: Clutter, rainy days, Racetrack

Habits/Quirks: He obsessively cleans mud and dirt out of the treads of his many pairs of sneakers; he's a hygiene nut and a bit of a neatfreak, both traits trained into him by his mother.

Donnelly School info:

umm yeah. my name is ryan but people call me blink bcuz i wear an eyepatch or bcuz i have a glass eye or kid bcuz of my baby face, hahahahahah. really its kid blink but usally just blink. i go to a boarding school on a sports scholarship cuz there teams all suck and they need help hahahahhahahahaha. i got this journal for school cuz my ra made me but maybe ill actually use it.

oh yah i love the yankees.


Full name: Ryan Ballatt
Age: 16
Birthday: Feb. 14
Year: Junior
Family/background: An only child; his father is a lawyer for a large company; his mother is a homemaker. His grandfather also lives with them. Blink gets along fairly well with his family and is slightly spoiled by them; he's much closer to his grandfather than he is to his parents.
Likes/dislikes: Sports (especially baseball, his favorite team being the Yankees, obviously), 80s hair bands; he dislikes having to sit still for an extended period of time, writing, and the quiet.
Favorite/least favorite class: Phys Ed is his favorite, since he finds it ridiculously easy and fun; he hates hitory of all sorts, finding it boring and tedious.
Appearance/style: Blink has a glass eye in place of his right eye and wears an eyepatch over it. He's blond and fairly buff and athletic; he dresses, well, like a jock. Most of the time he can be found in baggy jeans and a t-shirt.
Personality: Despite the way he types, Blink isn't actually stupid. However, he's both impulsive and oblivous; he's not the sort who takes in details about how people feel or even really what's going on around him (he wouldn't notice he'd set the stove on fire until the alarms went off, even if he was staring at it), and he doesn't usually bother to think before he speaks. So, luckily, he's a pretty nice guy; he rarely says anything mean. (He will on occasion, but he almost never means it, he just wasn't thinking...)

On top of that, he's got a temper that tends to flare up and die down quickly; he gets mad easily, but doesn't stay mad or hold grudges. He'll forgive almost anything if he's offered a sincere (or sincere seeming) appology and doesn't get why some people don't think "sorry" is enough after he messes up.

Also, unlike most of the people at DSA, he's not very into art of any sort. He got a scholarship to play baseball (and soccer, to a lesser extent) because DSA's sports teams kind of suck and they're always looking for the help. His parents figured it would be better than a public school, and the scholarship made it affoardable (though they're fairly well off anyway), so he often feels like the odd man out at school.